Every day is a miniature lifetime

Feb 1, 2020

If you stop and think, we live a miniature lifetime every day. Let me explain how!

You wake up in the morning, that’s when you were born.
You are all slow and unaware for some moments before you get your senses working and your thinking processes going.

Then you start your day, hopefully with good morning routines that fuel you and ready you for the day ahead.
This is similar to the early years of our life, you get programmed with your family and your close environments’ believes and ideas. Do they serve you or are harmful to you like your morning routines? For example if your morning routine is to start worrying or checking your phone when you wake up, it’s similar to what happens to you when you get indoctrinated into beliefs of your close environment. Think about it?

Midday is the time when you are about to enter the adult life, this is your daily job and obligations, are they fulfilling you, or are they causing you stress and make you unhappy? This is also the time you are most productive in your life and in your day. How do you spend this time?

The afternoon is the last stage of your day and life, are you grateful for the day that you had the privilege to live. This is usually the time of our life, that is when we are in our 70,80 when we ask our selves who we spend our life. If you want to be grateful for your life as for the day it needs to be filled with many experiences and growth. How does your afternoon look like? Are you grateful for the day you lived?

You see we can make every day count as we can make our lives matter, but do we? Do you?

I invite you to establish good morning routines, find a job or create it that will fulfill you and be grateful for every evening you had the privilege to experience!

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