Relationships, gender roles and emotions in today’s society

Aug 22, 2020

In this conversation me and my dear Elisha discuss a few of the very important subjects we deal with today. Relationships, gender roles and emotions. I had the privilege to share male’s perspective on this subjects. We also talked about other important topics of life, such as meditation, personal development and spirituality.

If you are currently in a situation where you don’t know if you should end the relationship or thinking about starting a new one, may that be an intimate or business one this conversation will help you understand what’s important in our relationships.

What are the red flags of relationships?
How to tackle and understand all the changes in emotions when dealing with any kind of relationship?

We both shared our views and experiences with personal growth that occurs when you are around different kinds of people. The most important thing we came to conclude is that we are authentic, open and that we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, being male or female. This is the best way to learn quick, grow and really enjoy our relationships.

More details in our video chat below.
May it serve you!

SelflessReflection founder Elisha Buckingham with International Special Guest Speaker Denis Bornsek and his foundation IZN where he promotes individuals to Live Life more Authentically, speak about Relationships, Gender Roles, and Emotions from a male’s perspective in today’s society.

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